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STEP 9: Wire up PID controllers. A PID controller (proportional integral derivative controller) is a control loop feedback device that is used to continually calculate the difference between the

target temperature and the measured temperature and takes the appropriate action to make up for any difference.A PID controller is an intelligent device that learns and trains itself to the behaviour Note: This is one post in a series of posts on how to build a Brutus 10. Time for another installment in the Brutus Saga. Last time it was the gas system, and now we're talking the Brutus 10 wiring. Speaking as someone who is really not an electronics guy, this part was fairly straightforward. I say Welcome to "How to Build a Powder Coating Oven - Part II." See How to Build a Powder Coating Oven Part 1. In part 1, we build the oven frame, we started skinning it in sheet metal, we added lights and the convection blower, and also insulation and heating elements. The pictured control panel uses laser-cut 1/8" plywood as the primary construction material. Holes for the PID controllers, the switches,

lights, plugs, receptacles, and other penetrations are also cut with the laser. This article covers a variety of different ways to put together a sous vide cooking station at home. For some people, all the equipment they need for some of the simpler configurations will be in their homes already enabling them to try out sous vide cooking at little or no additional cost. What is the Doghouse you ask? Well, it’s a single tier brew stand based loosely on the Brutus 10 and like the Brutus it is a fully automated system. I do want to acknowledge and thank everybody that helped throughout this whole process.

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